Bring the coworking mood to your company


Monday morning. You walk down the aisle inside your company’s offices expecting fizzing noises of chitchats, printers, greetings, ringing phones. But all you can hear is silence. Silence because people wear their headsets constantly. Silence because doors stay closed. Silence because team members would rather send an email to the person sitting next to them than actually speak out loud. Silence because they work in silos. Damn, some of them even have secured their own coffee machine at their desk to avoid mingling with the rest of the pack.

Is this the setting in which you want to welcome new recruits? Is it the thriving environment you dream of for your company? And where is the buzzing energy you think should come from work, joy, life?

You know this should change. You also know that you alone can’t change your company’s culture. People can — at least if you help them build a safe space where change is welcome and rewarded. You know this can’t be totally improvised. And you are right.

Coworking les Galeries helps you do just that. We’ve built our knowledge based on first-hand experience with our community. We know what it takes to get people to grow and flourish in a cosy environment where trust and goodwill are not only expected, but a prerequisite. Today, we are glad to pass on our competence and consciously acquired know-how to companies who struggle to create a community spirit in their own walls.

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how to build a coworking spacehow to build a coworking spacehow to build a coworking space

Grow a coworking space in one of your buildings


Your company probably has unoccupied space within their buildings, or even outside as real estate investment. A nice villa in downtown Brussels? An 18th century mansion? A free floor between HR and IT? A place everybody has heard of somehow, but very few can say they actually went there? (Except maybe Joe the accountant. That guy is older than the building itself anyway.)

Well, here comes a suggestion: let’s cowork it all up! You could make the most out of that location by designing a welcoming workspace for your workers, external startups, or partners. You could rent meeting rooms and organize corporate events there.

Coworking les Galeries will design that space with you. We’ll review everything in details, from people’s need to practical — but oh! how important — details.

Contact us to discuss your project. We’ll be thrilled to make it all come to life. 


Watch Valérie Kinoo from Coworking les Galeries explain how she managed to build a thriving and healthy community.


Tap into our coworkers’ skills


Coworking les Galeries is not a space. It is a squad of amazing talents. A pool of skills in a bowl on your plate. Our skills include pizza eating, telling jokes you may or may not find funny, reinventing the world, and cooking Belgian traditional dishes. That’s actually what happens when you get change managers, facilitators and all sorts of eerie specialists in the same room.

We love to share our energy and positive vibes. Contact Coworking les Galeries to learn more on how we can assist you with your daily challenges. Who knows? We might end up changing the world together.

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